Ice Cream Shoppe!

Ok, we understand that ice cream may not be one of your first thoughts when you’re planning your next beach vacation – but maybe it should be! After plenty of (delicious) research, we have chosen the top 5 ice cream spots each in a different beach city. Due to our extensive research, we’re also here to recommend their most popular menu items/ice cream flavors, so you’re welcome. Don’t worry – we’ve also found you the best rental that is walking distance to the water and the ice cream shoppe.

1. Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco, California

Favorite flavors from the Bi-Rite Menu:
Salted Caramel: This ice cream is sweet, creamy, bitter, and salty, perfectly hitting every note.
Ricanelas: This cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle cookies is a perfect pairing with all our ice cream flavors.

2. Purple Door Ice Cream, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Favorite flavors from the Purple Door Menu:
Purple Moon: This flavor has no artificial colors or flavors, is laced with hints of citrus and almond and is, or course, purple.
Espresso: This ain’t your regular coffee ice cream in either flavor or color. This full-bodied espresso flavor is compliments of our neighbors, Anodyne Coffee Roasters.

3. The Yard Milkshake Bar, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Favorite menu items from The Yard Milkshake Bar:
Mint Green Monster: Green mint chip ice cream in a green marshmallow dipped jar. Topped with whipped cream, crushed Oreos, chocolate and marshmallow drizzle and a brownie.
The Cereal Killer: Vanilla ice cream with a marshmallow dipped jar and red marshmallow cream drizzle. Fruity pebbles around the rim and topped with whipped cream, fruity pebbles and a fruity pebble treat on top.

4. The Inside Scoop, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Favorite flavors from The Inside Scoop Menu:
Black Raspberry Froconut: Froconut® is a non-dairy, vegan base that is made from creamy and rich coconut cream.
Apple Pie: Homemade ice cream that tastes just like the real thing!

5. Mount Desert Island Ice Cream, Bar Harbor, Maine

Favorite flavors from The Mount Desert Island Ice Cream Menu:
Butterbeer: Made in honor of the release of the movie, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,” we made this Butter/Butterscotch/Root Beer blend for what we thought would be a one-shot commemorative flavor 10 years ago and kept it because of its popularity.
Lemon Poppy Berry Jam Swirl: A lemon based ice cream with hand-made Berry Jam Swirl and Poppy Seeds. 

What is your favorite ice cream shoppe? Bonus points if it’s in a beach town!

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