Travel During A Pandemic

OK. We’ll admit it; even writing the title felt a bit strange. It’s not lost on us that we’re a site encouraging you to book a vacation and travel. Our mission of finding you the best vacation spot doesn’t change, but seeing as though we’re in the midst of a pandemic, travel rules are changing daily. If travel rules are changing that quickly, it’s safe to assume that your travel plans are as well. Maybe you’re cancelling all your plans, maybe you’re adjusting and booking something more local or maybe your plans remain in-tact. Whichever is the case, take a look at the following guidelines to help make travel during a pandemic more comfortable, when possible.

Our biggest piece of advice is to travel solo or with a small group who is inside of your household or chosen “pod”.

1. Research. Research. Research.

You need to do a lot of research and, in turn, a lot more planning than you may be used to if you’re planning to travel this year. One of the best tools for research is the CDC website, specifically the COVID Data Tracker. You’ll need to understand things like; if your state of residence has regulations about where you can travel in order to be able to fly back home, any quarantine policies at both your home and your travel destinations, and what the rules are about what may or may not be open for business.

2. Plan!

Plan like you’ve never planned before. This goes hand in hand with research, but you really need to plan your trip out in addition to creating plans A, B, C and possibly even D, E, F. If you’re flying, anticipate there will be a cancellation on at least one end of the trip. If you’re driving, map out your route and nail down each and every stop you can. That certainly includes knowing where you’ll sleep each night, book hotels well in advance and may sure you understand their current cancellation policies upon booking.

3. Pack for a pandemic.

Ah, right – because that’s what you’re doing. First and foremost, pack extra – assume that you will be delayed somewhere along the way. Next, pandemic supplies! Pack extra masks, disposable are great but make sure to pack some reusable as well. Pack gloves if you have access for when you stop at gas stations or restrooms. Pack plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. These are certainly measures to protect yourself, but also to protect the others around you. We haven’t heard any complaints about being overprepared, but we’ve heard plenty on being underprepared.

4. Support local.

Just as you love your own community, be sure to show the community you travel to love by eating and shopping local every chance you get. In addition to that support, tip well when a tip is well deserved. A lot of businesses have had to hone in on finances way more than normal, so be sure to show your support and appreciation that they’re still open (to serve customers like you)!

5. Testing.

Thankfully, testing is more widely available than ever before for this virus. Depending on things like your travel destinations, your own health, consideration of people you live with, etc – it may make sense to schedule some COVID tests. Some people schedule them both before and after their travel plans, this may be the perfect “better safe than sorry” scenario.

We take the dilemma of whether or not to travel during this time very seriously. Ultimately, expert recommendations say stay home and stay safe. If you’ve had to cancel your plans, if you had your heart set on a property we once had listed that is no longer booking stays or if you want to find a remote place for a change of scenery – we’ve got you covered.

Please feel free to comment below to continue the conversation about travel during a pandemic.

Thank you for visiting, we can’t wait to help you find your next Sunny Beach House rentals.